MDs and DCs Working Together

[frame align=”right”] [/frame]Did you know that hospitals around the country now have chiropractors with physician staff privileges? That chiropractors are performing manipulation procedures under general anesthesia in hospital operating rooms? That chiropractors are being boarded in specialties such as orthopedics, neurology and rehabilitation? Probably not.

Today’s chiropractors have become main stream. Medical physicians from all disciplines are working cooperatively with DCs for the benefit of their patients. DCs recognize the importance of multidisciplinary management for improved clinical outcomes. Both MDs and DCs are benefiting their practices by having ethical and necessary referrals for conditions which are better managed by their cross discipline complement.

The chiropractic physicians of the Shaw Chiropractic Group offices are sensitive to the needs of their referral MDs. Chiropractic management is within the parameters agreed upon with the MD referrer and reports are quickly supplied describing the nature of management and results of chiropractic specific examinations. Phone contact is made on any patient with immediate concerns. Your patients are your patients and are referred back appreciative of your recommendations.

Please call our offices and set up a time to visit our facilities. You’ll find that the DCs are professional, competent and a pleasure to work with for the benefit of your patients and your practice.