Meet our team of highly trained professionals

All the Shaw Chiropractic physicians are board certified, board eligible or pursuing study leading towards board certification in a chiropractic specialty such as orthopedics, rehabilitation, neurology or occupational health. It is our high standard in education and treatment that makes us the right choice for your needs. Examine our CVs and see for yourself – simply click on a doctor below.

"As I approach my 4th decade of treating injured patients, I’ve learned to appreciate that every patient is unique even though many have similar injuries. At the Shaw Chiropractic Group offices our professional team of providers treat every patient as an individual with unique needs. We do everything we can to meet their needs and expectations. "

"Every day in practice my patients teach me as much as I teach them. There is a bond developed between doctor and patient which the Shaw Chiropractic Group culture encourages. I treat my patients as I would treat any member of my own family."

"I take pride in providing my patients with the best care available without compromise. At the Shaw Chiropractic Group I am encouraged to support my patients clinical needs first, above all else."

"At the Shaw Chiropractic Group I am encouraged to provide care that is evidence based and consistent with the highest ethical and professional standards."

"The Shaw Chiropractic Group practices are evidence based and patient centric. I am thrilled to work in an environment that supports my desire to offer uncompromised and compassionate care to my patients."

"I began serving patients at the Shaw Chiropractic Group in 2001. Over the past 2 decades I've grown to appreciate the uniqueness of our practice. We provide unparalleled care in a manner consistent with our high ethical and professional standards."

"I've worked in several practices over the past few decades but I have found a home with Shaw Chiropractic Group. I connect with my patients in a personal and professional manner which is tremendously rewarding."

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