Healthcare costs continue to spiral despite aggressive cost containment efforts. Carriers [frame align=”right”][/frame]and their representatives are caught in a difficult position where they need to manage costs but don’t have the medical or clinical credentials to make these difficult healthcare management decisions.

For years carriers have turned to medical review services that farm out IMEs and utilization reviews to the lowest bidding physician, not necessarily the best qualified. Few, if any, of these review companies keep full time physicians. Those that do employ full time physician employees are gathering opinions from physicians who no longer work in a clinical environment which compromises their opinions and objectivity.

In reality, carriers want to balance what’s best for the client and their employer. Dollars spent on necessary care are justified. Dollars above what’s necessary is part of the reason we have spiraling costs. Fraud and abuse is a large part of the problem and could be controlled if early intervention is properly administered.

The physicians of the Shaw Chiropractic offices are actively involved in patient care and are sensitive to the need for a cost containment consciousness . They understand the need to balance necessary care and optimal care taking into consideration the specific parameters and dynamics of the patient. It is because they practice in an ethical manner that they are the ideal choice for insurance carriers.

The Shaw Chiropractic physicians perform IMEs and utilization reviews in a manner consistent with their own treatment parameters. That means that the patient and client benefit from knowing that care has been administered appropriately and within generally accepted practice parameters for the chiropractic profession. Fraud and abuse are minimized and patient outcomes are improved. All this is done in a manner which saves the entire system excessive operations costs.

We invite you to examine your files and see if our actions are consistent with our words. After you see that they are, call us to see how we can help you, your employer and your injured insured.