Ergonomic Health Consultants

[frame align=”right”][/frame]The Shaw Chiropractic offices have been involved in the industrial and occupational health arena for over three decades. The industrial division of our offices function as the Ergonomic Health Consultants Inc. From our experience, we have gained a unique understanding of the relationship between employers and their employees. We are sensitive of the need to balance cost-effectiveness with quality. Our services cover the entire spectrum ranging from pre-placement/post offer exams and work site evaluations to injury management and functional capacity exams.

The basic training of all general practitioners of chiropractic and the specialized post graduate training of the Shaw Chiropractic physicians in in the fields of chiropractic orthopedics, rehabilitation and occupational health make us well suited to work in the industrial environment. When the bottom line is results, Ergonomic Health Consultants Inc is up to the task.

Please take some time to review our site and let us know what we can do to help your company and employees function at peak performance with reduced risk. Please bear with us as we update our content.